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July 2, 2021

Scribe and messenger of love

Twice I’ve walked through the Louvre in Paris to admire Mona Lisa and her enigmatic smile up close; the Venus de Milo, discovered armless on a Greek island; and the Rite of Napoleon by his official painter, Jacques-Louis David.

And yet this morning, like every morning, I was ecstatic as I enjoyed my leisurely walk. My eyes flooded with emotion, as I stopped to contemplate a natural-world masterpiece. Wildflowers, fallen straight from the hand of God, embellished and scented the ribbon of old asphalt on which I cautiously walked. Here and there, white daisies sparkled like stars in a multicoloured night. And like big open hands, bunches of bright yellow wild parsnips stretched out in the still chilly sky. On the left, ahead of me, a family of mauve and pink lupines opened their eyelids to welcome the light. Their long strands shivered slightly, as if whispering secrets to one another. Or maybe it was the morning breeze stirring a stray cluster of vivid red poppies to my right.

This delightful habit of observing wildflowers goes back to my childhood. I remember it so well. Especially the wild rose bushes that filled our little noses with such a heady smell. Almost every day during the summer, I would look for pretty bouquets to give to mom, who would smile or tenderly stroke my cheek in return. She especially loved the little pink balls of wild clover, bellflowers, thistle and the creeping dogwood at the edge of the undergrowth. 

These days, the roads are repaired every spring; the asphalt is swept and washed several times. Yet I have never seen anyone watering the wildflowers. It must be the angels who take care of them and keep them looking so beautiful.

As I embark on my last quarter century on earth, I am determined to fill every hour of the day with beauty. As I’ve mentioned, the global pandemic, which has sidelined the entire planet since March 2020, has helped me to relinquish the company’s daily routine. So I’ve remained "confined" to my home in the Laurentians for 16 long months; reflecting, reading and reconnecting with my passion for writing. 

With all of our restaurants across Canada closed, ever-watchful Divine Providence planted the idea of finding a way to remain connected to our wonderful customers. We could no longer serve you amazing dishes, but we could keep our hearts close to yours during this long and difficult period. And that's how the "LETTER" came about. Just like in the old days, even before the invention of the telephone, this missive has brought you information, news and very often words of love that are impossible to say in person. 

We promptly decided on the LETTER, as a long conduit to express the love between our Company and our dear readers and customers. And, of course, who better than me, as Cora’s energetic founder, with my experience and memories to bring this project to life.

This new vocation saved my life. I wanted so badly to reconnect with my passion for writing, and now I've been handed a golden opportunity on a silver platter to do just that.

On April 1, 2020, the day the first letter entitled "It’s going to be okay" was published, I will never forget how my head started to buzz with love. And this impromptu writing exercise has become a weekly exercise full of magic.

Today’s letter is the 73rd. And I can pretty much say that all I have to do is find a topic, a memory waiting just below the surface, a notable character or a title and hop! The words fall onto the page as gently as a fine summer’s rain.

With a host of angels pulling the strings, I'm never worried about running out of ink, words or memories. And I so enjoy being the messenger, the one who wraps up all the love in her heart and eagerly brings it to you every Sunday morning. I loved my job as a cook during my years in business; I looked forward to offering my customers their first bite of food every morning. And now, miraculously, I can continue to do so every Sunday morning with a “buffet” of words. I feel blessed by this wonderful opportunity to continue to express my love for all of you, dear Cora customers and friends.

How this pandemic has been good for me, despite the constant fear of falling victim to this nasty virus! It has gradually detached me from the daily life of the business, and as Director of Brand and Innovation, I have become the official scribe and messenger of letters of love dedicated to all our readers, friends and current and future customers of our big yellow Sun.




Psst: Invincible Creator above, allow me to continue to give and receive this love for a long time to come.