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Ben et Dictine Festival

Discover our 5 new festive dishes

Feeling hungry like a wolf? With 5 new eggs Benedict dishes, the Cora Ben and Dictine Festival has something to satisfy everyone. Whether you’re hungry like a wolf with a sweet tooth, a wolf who prefers meatless or a wolf who can’t resist a touch of spicy, you’ll go wild over these dishes!

Our tasty eggs benedict lineup includes: a lightly sweetened kale waffle with béchamel sauce; a blend of guacamole, fresh tomato and chorizo; famous Montreal smoked meat; strips of steak with a cheesy and spicy Hollandaise sauce; and a Beyond Meat™ breakfast sausage.
bénédictine fait avec une galette déjeuner à base de plantes Beyond Meat.

I do breakfast at Cora’s Ben et Dictine Festival, available in dining rooms and for delivery and take-out at our restaurants across Canada.