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Skillet Festival

5 new dishes to discover

The Skillet Festival is both delicious and generous: Cora Enthusiasts members earn 500 bonus points with the purchase of any skillet!

Cora doesn’t make choosing easier! For a limited time, try our 5 new skillets, each one as savoury as the next! There’s a skillet that tastes like a burger, one garnished with Halloumi cheese and chorizo sausage, another featuring a Beyond Meat® breakfast sausage with a dash of Thai-inspired flavour and the Montreal smoked meat skillet. We’ve got the classics covered too with the comforting Hot Chicken Style skillet.

With all these delicious options, you’ll want to try them all!

Loyalty offer valid in dining rooms only. All new skillets are available in-restaurant and for take-out or delivery at Cora restaurants of British Columbia.

I do breakfast during the Cora Skillet Festival. Only until April 30, 2023.