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The Cora philosophy

The ultimate morning gastronomic adventure

Cora restaurants are committed to promoting the importance of breakfast. We serve colourful dishes filled with creativity to create a memorable nutritious experience each morning in a warm family atmosphere.


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Our history

The spark that became a sun

Who would have known that a modest dinner of 29 seats would serve, half a century later, more than 250 000 breakfasts each week?

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Our Founder

Cora Tsouflidou, the breakfast queen

For the founder of Cora Breakfast and Lunch restaurants, initiative, perseverance, self confidence and boundless energy have been the main ingredients in her recipe for success.
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Our commitment

Improve the quality of life of Canadian children

Helping young children in need has always been important to Cora restaurants. Since 1998 we work with non-profit organizations with the objective of improving the quality of life of Canadian children.
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