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Our breakfast for the Club

2 eggs, bacon, potatoes and French toast topped with bananas and salted caramel. All served with toast.

Cora restaurants are proud to offer a brand-new meal to support this cause. For each plate sold, $0.50 will be donated to Breakfast Club of Canada. You, dear guests, can help children enjoy a brighter future while savouring this new, absolutely delicious sweet ’n salty dish.

Louis the Undecided

2 eggs, bacon and potatoes served with a scrumptious crêpe filled with bananas, strawberries and creamy cocoa-hazelnut spread. All served with toast.

Rosemary's Sunday

2 eggs, bacon, 2 delicious blueberry pancakes and potatoes. All served with toast.

Paul wants it all

2 eggs, bacon and potatoes served with half a waffle garnished with fresh fruit and English cream Cora-style. All served with toast.