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The ultimate morning gastronomic adventure

Cora restaurants are committed to promoting the importance of breakfast. We serve colourful dishes filled with creativity to create a memorable nutritious experience each morning in a warm family atmosphere.

But tasting good is only the start. It has to look amazing too.

Today, Cora has over 125 restaurants across Canada, and it's just the dawn of our story!

A family business

Cora restaurants is first and foremost a family business. It is the story of a divorced mother who had to find a way to make a living in order to feed her three children. In 1987, at the age of 40, Cora sold the family home to buy a small snack bar in the Saint-Laurent district of Montreal.

Her inventive dishes quickly garnered interest and accolades, and long lineups began to form each day in front of the establishment. By 1994, Cora and her kids were operating 9 restaurants in the greater Montreal region.

Cora’s youngest son, Nicholas Tsouflidis, was involved in the family business from a young age. He gradually occupied every possible position at a Cora restaurant. This extensive experience served him well later when he began running the company’s day-to-day operations.

When Cora decided to step down as the head of the company in 2008, her son was the obvious choice to take on the president’s role. His strong strategic vision and commitment to customer satisfaction have helped ensure the continued growth of the Cora brand.

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