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Fruit crêpes

Tasty strawberries

With fresh strawberries and a choice of custard or cocoa-hazelnut spread.

Banana blast

With cocoa-hazelnut spread.

April 89

Crêpe with fresh fruit and a choice of custard or cocoa-hazelnut spread.

Savoury crêpes


3 tasty crêpes made with regular flour or buckwheat-sorghum flour served with your choice of bacon, sausages, turkey sausages, ham or fresh fruit.

Spinach and Cheddar

Crêpe made with a blend of regular, buckwheat-sorghum flour and spinach, with cheddar cheese.

Sunshine Panini

Eggs, ham or bacon and cheddar cheese rolled up in a grilled crêpe and served with fresh fruit.

Buckwheat blessing

3 buckwheat-sorghum crêpes stuffed with sausage and cheddar cheese, and served with slices of cheddar cheese, fresh fruit and potatoes.

The boss' favourite

2 eggs, bacon and sausages served on a crêpe filled with cheddar cheese. All served with toast.