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Crêpe Festival

5 new dishes to discover

At Cora, we know the best things in life sometimes crêpe up on you. Like the Crêpe Festival. Until January 14, 2024, discover our five new crêpes you’ll want to welcome with an open mouth.

Gourmet crêpe : an irresistible packet filled with Granny Smith apples and a mix of custard and cream cheese, topped with salted caramel and roasted almonds, and dusted with a hint of cinnamon.. Two slices of crispy bacon add a contrast to the sweetness.

Halloumi-chorizo crêpe : a cheddar-cheese-filled crêpe topped with halloumi cheese, hollandaise sauce, an egg as you like and a delicious mix of chorizo, spinach, black olives, sun-dried tomatoes and green onions.

Decadent crêpe : a generous cocoa crêpe filled with caramel custard, a thick layer of banana slices, salted caramel and pecans. Perfection on a plate.

10 star crêpe : a turmeric crêpe spread with sweet-and-sour mustard and stuffed with savoury sauerkraut and a mix of bacon, ham, sausage, frankfurters, bologna, Swiss cheese and Canadian peameal bacon.

Buckwheat blessing : Three buckwheat-sorghum crêpes stuffed with sausage and cheddar cheese, and served with slices of cheddar cheese, fresh fruit and potatoes.

Cora Enthusiasts members earn twice the points* with the purchase of a dish from the Crêpe Festival!

I do breakfast at Cora with the Crêpe Festival.

* Loyalty offer valid in dining rooms only. All new crêpes are available in-restaurant and for take-out or delivery at Cora restaurants of Canada.