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Cora Loyalty program

The Cora loyalty card is an easy and delicious way to accumulate points and rewards. Ask for your loyalty card to start earning base points on every purchase at any participating Cora restaurant. Plus, by signing up today, you’ll get 500 bonus points and access to exclusive promotional offers.

Access your account

To access your account, check your balance and discover amazing offers for members only, go to the member log on page. For any questions related to the loyalty program, please contact us at: infoloyalty@chezcora.com or by phone at 1 888 974-6742.

Obtain and use your Cora Loyalty card

The Cora loyalty card is available at all Cora Breakfast and Lunch restaurants across Canada. Simply tell one of our team members that you would like one! You’ll start to earn points with your very first purchase at one of these restaurants. You must complete your profile in order to redeem the points and rewards associated with your account.


Complete your profile

To complete your profile and receive 500 bonus points, go to the member home page.


How to change your profile

You can change the details of your account profile at any time. Don’t forget to complete it to get your 500 bonus points and enjoy great rewards sooner!

How to accumulate and use points

You can earn base points each time you visit and make a purchase at one of the participating Cora restaurants. You’ll earn 10 points for each dollar spent. Consult the Terms of Use of the Cora loyalty card to learn more.

How to have points credited for a past purchase

If you don’t have your loyalty card with you when you visit a participating Cora restaurant, you can return to the same restaurant with your receipt and loyalty card to claim the points for your purchase within 30 days following your visit.

My card does not work

Your loyalty card is activated as soon as it arrives at the restaurant you obtained it from. However, in order to enjoy all the points and rewards associated with your account, you must complete your profile on the member home page. If you have already done so, it is possible that the problem is related to another issue such as how the card was set up in our server. In this case, please contact our head office at infoloyalty@chezcora.com.

Damaged, lost or stolen card

  1. Contact our loyalty program customer service.
  2. A team member will make sure to activate a new card for you and transfer all points and rewards earned on the old card to your new card.

You can reach us at infoloyalty@chezcora.com or by phone at 1 888 974-6742.

Terms of Use

See the Terms of Use to learn more about the Cora loyalty program.