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May 7, 2020

​​​​​​​Happy Mother’s Day!

Wow, am I ever blessed to have such clever colleagues.

Yesterday morning, a colleague informed me that this year, “for you, our dear founder,” we are going to treat you to an early celebration. Mother’s Day (May 10) is the restaurant industry’s biggest day, and the team will no doubt be busy ensuring that all our restaurants are humming with activity. So tomorrow, dear Mme Cora, you just need to open your door to find an amazing breakfast inside a big Cora Sun bag that you can prepare in a jiffy. Enjoy! It serves four, with enough food for six. The package will arrive tomorrow morning.

Bravo, team. I ❤️you!

This gargantuan-sized feast to celebrate Mother’s Day was also a way for the team to pitch me a fantastic idea they had to create a “big delicious Cora breakfast” for our customers, with eggs, bacon, ham, baked beans, creton and even some hollandaise sauce to dip the eggs in. Breakfast potatoes, some good bread for toast, juice for the kids, enough coffee to make two pots, and of course, some sweet fudge for a perfect finish.

My praise for the team was as generous as the Big Take-Out Breakfast they had sent me. It’s a great idea for all the families who want to stay home during this pandemic. Who knows, the idea may even take hold and prove popular with families who simply wish to avoid weekend lineups.  

It turns out this Big Take-Out Breakfast for four comes in four versions, to satisfy all tastes! Besides the traditional eggs and meat, there is also Spinach-cheddar crêpes with accompaniments, French toast with maple syrup and Pancakes with all the trimmings.

You will find everything in the bag to easily put your breakfast together. You simply have to place your order and have it delivered or pick it up at the restaurant yourself.

And I thought I would be getting a bouquet of flowers. I am going to religiously eat Cora for the next five mornings!! It’s perfect, really, since it’s my new COVID-19 routine: take the time to eat a good breakfast, make one (or 2 or 3) cups of coffee. Admire my attractive kitchen, toast a defrosted bagel, spread on some good homemade jam and, with sticky fingers, browse my newspaper on the iPad. I pause and savour this slower way of life before putting on my 4 km boots. Actually, it’s on my walks that I have my best “ah-ha” moments. Today’s big realization: This ship is sailing just fine without me.  

Mission accomplished, Mom.

Happy Mother’s Day!


I ❤️you, team!