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September 10, 2021

Conversation on love (cont’d from last Sunday’s letter)

Dear lady, it is I who will sit at your desk this morning to write today’s letter. Let me start by saying how happy I am to see my chicks again, to hear them chirping and dancing in the nest, jubilant to be free to fly. You see, their father took them to a zoo, where they learned that not all Earth’s animals are lucky enough to be free. They cried when they saw the wild animals locked in cages, elephants with balls on their feet and the dejected, cranky monkeys looking for lice and hanging from branches of an old stunted tree. It was a very good lesson for my chicks to learn – few people are in fact free. One must be aware of this to truly appreciate freedom.

Dear friend, my heart quivers with love for you. I want to teach you to dance too, in your lovely country nest at the edge of my forest. I want you to be free to love; unshackled from the many mental conversations that, like heavy balls, have blocked your path to true love. Listen closely, dear friend, you are not a hopeless case. Quite the opposite, really. I read all your Sunday letters carefully and it is clear that you already love your readers, your customers and all those who know you. I can tell by the way you sprinkle kindness over every paragraph you write. And you have, dear lady, a generous heart that reveals its feelings, hopes and our honest conversations to your readers.

Even though I didn't know you back then, I know you were a successful businesswoman who set goals and achieved them. So tell me, dear lady, are you truly serious about this new goal of yours that you proclaimed out loud the other night, "TO HAVE A WONDERFUL EXISTENCE IN ALL AREAS OF MY LIFE"? 

You are aware, I hope, that you are quite pampered in many areas of your life? So I, your favorite crow, your plumed friend and confidante, sincerely believe that you need to turn all your attention and efforts to making a place for a love story in your heart.

You’ll tell me again that it’s too late! That you have so much cleaning up to do! Too many painful memories to chase away! You write lovely stories to your readers, dear lady, but now please stop telling terrible stories about potential suitors who take a risk by approaching you. Don't be discouraged; your new goal is realistic, but it requires spirit and courage. Being a female of a certain age too, who is loved and adored by her mate, I wish for you to know the happiness of having a companion at your side before you leave this world. Perhaps you may even go hand in hand?

Please, dear friend, don't be afraid anymore. There are countless good and brave men. Perhaps there is even one in your town who once loved and still has plenty of affection to give? Maybe there is an artist somewhere in our Laurentian hills waiting for you? A botanist, a painter, a retired teacher, a good cook or a poet looking for his muse?

I care for you, dear lady. I will help you open your heart to love, and I will use the jaws of life if I have to. Tonight, in your backyard, let’s light a big fire and turn all those silly reasons you invent to avoid a shared life into ashes. “I’m too independent,” “I'm too famous,” “I'm too old and wrinkled” – all this will disappear in smoke. My friend, the time for love never passes. All the mature and fulfilled women of the world know this. And you will too, when you feel the gentle warmth of another’s hand on your neck one day.

That is all that I have to say for now.

Your feathered friend, the crow