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February 25, 2024

It's never too late

I need you, dear readers! This is the 211th letter that’s being published and I wonder if I’ve told you everything. I can’t make things out clearly in this huge warehouse of my memory. I imagine mice dancing under the bottom shelves while crows scavenge and dig up old things on the top ones.

Like the crows in the warehouse, I open my notepad filled with quotes I copied from famous people and fall upon a few lines by Mahatma Gandhi: “As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world — this is the myth of the atomic age — as in being able to remake ourselves.” As I reflect upon this sentence, my courage returns. I thought I was depleted, but realize it’s never too late to recreate myself.

It’s never too late…to sort through my life, to keep what is precious and get rid of the clutter.

It’s never too late…to listen to my heart more often because it knows things my mind doesn’t comprehend.

It’s never too late…to want to care for a pet. A cat or a dog would teach me to be more sensitive and affectionate. Everyone says I should get one.

It’s never too late…to visit my native Gaspésie more often and contemplate its blue waves. I always feel like going yet I often hesitate to let the road take me there.

It’s never too late…to be amazed, to let my eyes take in the world, admire nature and the tall firs surrounding my home.

It’s never too late…to say thank you more often and mean it from the bottom of my heart. A sincere thank you requires so little effort.

It’s never too late…to create new bonds, open my heart to new friendships and new adventures.

It’s never too late…to improve the life of others around me; mine will only be that much better for it.

It’s never too late…to spice up my life and stop the daily routine from numbing my mind. Fortunately, writing allows me to go a little wild every now and then.

It’s never too late…to learn to let go, to unburden myself of the things weighing on my shoulders and shackling my ankles.

It’s never too late…to age gracefully. We’re as old as our thoughts, not whatever age the calendar says we are. Adventurous projects help us stay young apparently.

It’s never too late…to cultivate something, to sow a seed, watch the flower bloom and care for it. My kitchen counter is filled with plants and I blow them kisses so they grow faster.

It’s never too late…to forgive someone who’s hurt us. Resentment is a heavy burden. Forgiving saves us from fixating on our sorrows, frees the mind and lightens our heart.

It’s never too late…to start something. I started all over again at 40; my career as a trailblazing businesswoman is proof.

It’s never too late…to say “I love you.” It’s a precious gift. Say it often and with sincerity. I’m dying to be able to say it to my prince charming one day!

Where on earth is my soulmate hiding?