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October 16, 2020

Our very first take-out breakfast!

When I think about it, I realize just how far we have come in all areas of the business.

One of the characters from our very first small restaurant was the son of the garage mechanic across the street who was searching for that rare pearl of a woman. Philippe was the nicest boy in the neighbourhood, with princely looks and a quiet, affable manner. His mane was golden like summer wheat and his smile could stop the rain. He was always ready to lend a hand.

Philippe had rented a furnished apartment near the restaurant and he often came through the kitchen entrance and leaned up against the large fridge to recount his stories to a sympathetic maternal ear. God only knows how I always found the time to listen to him describe the blonde or brunette he had met the evening before at the dance. Philippe, who had lost his mom at such a tender age that he didn’t really remember her, now needed a trusted proxy who could help him find the best match in a wife. Playing a real mother in her kitchen, I gave him the same advice as I told my own sons who were almost the same age.

One Saturday at noon on the first snowfall, the handsome young man appeared in the kitchen short of breath.

- “Cora! Cora! I really need you.”

- “Whatever is the matter, Philippe?” I asked hurriedly.

- “I found her,” he exclaimed with joy.

And suddenly, the green grapes on the counter turned into nuggets of gold, my calm kitchen on that Saturday at midday began to whirl like a fairground. The starry-eyed waitresses were dancing between the tables while Philippe threw his arms around me. My young son urged us to slow down. At last our Romeo had found his Juliet. 

For several weeks, he had intentionally let the embers cool. Yet the flame reignited each time.

- “A flame, Mme Cora, a flame capable of keeping us warm for the rest of our lives,” said the love-struck man.

- “And I need you to do something nice for my girlfriend this morning. I really love her. She’s the one and I told her all about your delicious crêpes with fresh strawberries and custard.”

- “Could you prepare a nice big plate please, and wrap it up so I can take it back to the apartment?”

- “Um…” added the young buck. “It’s a very special time for us. Our first!

Well, you know what I mean.”

Muddled and thrown off by the emotion, I searched through the shelves and drawers looking for something to enclose the crêpes in. And what about the custard? Put it on the plate or package it separately?

More clear-headed than me at that moment, Philippe suggested I use the large plate used in the restaurant for the crêpes and a paper coffee cup for the custard.

- “Just be quick, Mme Cora, before my princess wakes up…I want to surprise her with your delicious food. Promise I’ll return the plate and cloth covering.”

And that, dear readers, was our very first take-out dish.

You can imagine the progress we’ve made over the years, especially since the pandemic, which has forced us to expand our offering almost tenfold. Today, most of the dishes on our large menu are available, and yes, properly packaged, for take-out or home delivery. The Cora cooks have also created a new line of 5 generously portioned meals to share, similar in style to our classic breakfasts, that are available for take-out or delivery exclusively. This format allows you to instantly enjoy a meal together in the comfort of your own home. No eggs to crack, no crêpes to flip or fruit to wash – everything is ready to savour and specially designed for a family of four with good appetites.

And for those who insist on rolling up their sleeves, our cooks have recently got even more inventive with the “Breakfast Box,” giving our customers the opportunity to get busy in their own kitchens pouring crêpe batter into the pan, flipping French toast when crisp or browning our delicious breakfast sausages to their liking. All the ingredients are included in the box. All you need to do is slip on your apron and get cooking. Trust me, this new way to spend some family time is just as heart-warming as our first take-out customer’s love story!

I am simply amazed by our collaborators’ skill and initiative. I think the world of them!



Psst: Please pardon the businesswoman in me, but you can get all the details of our delicious take-out options on our website.