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April 14, 2024

Things I'm grateful for

A gratitude list is an expression of thanks for the people and things that make you happy. Ideally, you should create one each day, paying homage to the little moments that brighten your day. Note everything that elicits a sense of gratitude in you during the day; things that you feel thankful and lucky for.

Experts on the matter say that it can be a difficult exercise at first, but one that quickly becomes second nature. You can also thank life every night before you fall asleep or each morning when you wake to another day of being alive.

I personally have my own gratitude ritual. Each Saturday afternoon after my nap, I pour myself yet another coffee and open my pink notebook which I fill with huge THANK YOUs. I discovered gratitude during the pandemic. Instead of worrying I’d die, I started to thank the universe for being alive each day. Fear faded away, and I slowly learned to recognize the good things that were happening to me.

Each one of my writing days is different, but I can say that I’m grateful for being alive every day! I always have a good reason to be grateful for a friend, a good idea and especially for the wild woman inside my head who keeps me alert and inspired.

Here are a few sentences taken from my gratitude list:

– Thank you, my friend! Your burly arms and enjoyable company were just what I needed to install the two new IKEA bookshelves in my living room.

– Thanks to my children who shaped me into a courageous mother.

– Thank you, dear Pénélope, your love keeps me alive.

– Thank you to my generous neighbour for giving me such delicious jams!

– Thank you to my friends who invite me along on outings and events.

– Thank you for all the coffees I’ve enjoyed with great company!

– Thank you, dear Claude, for repairing the thermostat for my heated floor.

– Thank you, Stephen the Irishman, who accompanied me to the annual St. Patrick’s luncheon, and to my good friend who invited us.

– Thank you, dear Bruce, with whom I always have deep conversations.

– Thank you, Marie-Pierre, our circle of friends’ favourite aerial host, for all the delicious privately imported chocolate she’s brought back on her flights to the old world.
– Thank you for the inspiration I am gifted with from above.
– Thank you to the wild woman in my head who inspires me and governs all my thoughts.
– Thank you for my perseverance, my patience and my love of words.
– Thank you for my advanced age, and to this sublime life that keeps me strong and healthy.
– Thank you, Life, for this incredible sleigh ride.
– Thank you for the spot you’re keeping warm for me up there.

– Thank you for treating us to such a mild winter, with its snow so white and sky so blue.

– Thank you, dear life, for allowing me to recognize what’s good for me.

– Thank you to my ex-husband for being just vile enough for me to finally decide to leave him.

– Thank you to all my cherished readers, who follow me each week through my Sunday letters.
– Thank you for all the comments you leave for me week after week.

– Thank you to all those who bought my book Cora l’ordinaire endimanché and who talk to me about it!

– Thank you to the sea, who’s fed me all my life and continues to do so.

– Thank you to all the handsome gents who grace my dreams and feed my hope.

– Thank you to my 10 well-practised fingers that still allow me the pleasure of cooking for my children, grandchildren and even for my colleagues at the head office occasionally.

Since I’ve started making these lists of gratitude for the universe to hear, I always look forward to tomorrow to see what I’ve learned to appreciate more.


Spoken words fly away, written words remain.