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March 6, 2022

Today, March 8

Dear Mme Cora
Company’s Head Office
City of Ste-Thérèse


Today I am finally taking the liberty of writing a letter to you. Because it is International Women's Day and because there is no better day to demand my rights be recognized. I am you. Well, not quite the woman that graces the billboards. But you, that little feminine spirit that holds the fort inside your entrepreneurial carapace. I am well aware that you love your big SUN and that your devotion to its radiance represents practically your entire life's work. But I am still here. I am what will be left of you when one day the business is finally extracted from your body.

You write that business provided you with a means to express all your creativity. Have you forgotten all your poems, haikus and all the wonderful things you wrote before you even donned a kitchen jacket? Have you forgotten literature? The poet Rimbaud and your favourite philosopher Husserl? The enigmatic Chinese novelists who made you travel across continents?

You say you have created delicious breakfasts and have said all that you have to say. Have you forgotten your talent for fine art, your lovely sketches and the unusual way you used to form your capital letters? A talent that was apparent very early on; even before you agreed to have that ill-fated ring placed on your finger. Have you forgotten the sewing, the beautiful toys you made for your toddlers, the satin Christmas decorations, your dresses and coats that made heads turn as you passed? Do you remember? You had the hands of a magician when you sewed, knitted or embroidered pictures that people wanted to hang in their living room. Have you forgotten the beautiful fabric fish you made for your first grandson? The little pink taffeta cradle for your first little girl and the clown costumes every Halloween?

I was there, threading the needle and very conscious of your talents. You say, dear lady, that you discovered who you were while sitting at the helm of the company? Is that really true? Or had you just forgotten who you were before you opened your business?

I am writing to you today because I feel very frustrated you have forgotten our beautiful twenties, our quick wit, our many talents and the originality of our engaging personality. I must admit that life has not been easy for you. You came from the hard, cold world of incompatibility and the sadness of deeply unhappy parents. You had to survive by writing, by imagining different utopias until you discovered the world of business, where you excelled.

In short, you may have conquered a country but you have failed to take proper care of the woman in you. You have slipped me, your femininity, under the rug of your success. And don’t you dare say that I was the price of success. Look at all those beautiful women who are breaking through the glass ceiling today. Do you think that responsibility and work have taken away their femininity? Do you think they have sacrificed the love of a man or the simple pleasure of an attractive pedicure? No, ma'am! These women have not succumbed to inner loneliness as you have done. They are not inseparable from some brand name, no matter how brightly it shines.

You have forgotten me completely, dear lady with your public face. You have forgotten our heart, our wants and our needs. NOW THAT WE HAVE BECOME AN OLD WOMAN, WHO AM I TO YOU? Please tell me. When will you love me? I long to feel your doting attention. Give me just an ounce of your powerful mental focus and I too will make you shine like the sun.

See how your precious words enter my ears as I carry you on my back. You are strong and you can help us. Let’s remember the sweet moments of romance past; when we would bring him little notes and he in turn would leave a few oranges on the doormat. Let us remember the first flutters of our heart; the sweet compliments of suitors. I was there, my dear, and it was intoxicating. Do you remember the time you dropped a dissected frog on the floor of the school’s biology lab when his hand reached for yours?

My dearest better half, today is our celebration. Can we finally unite our differences and enjoy being whole and remarkable again? The books you’re reading won’t run away from the living room after all. Apply a little shadow to your eyes and pink powder to your cheeks. You are still so beautiful.



Cora ❤️❤️