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July 10, 2020

A beautiful love story

I consider myself to be a mature, reasonable, prudent and patient woman. And yet, ever since the date for the reopening of restaurants was announced, all I can think about is enjoying a delicious kale-mango smoothie at a Cora restaurant. Have you tried one?

Or maybe, like me, you’re reluctant to try the latest food craze, and prefer to play it safe with the classic banana-strawberry or blueberry-raspberry? Berries we all associate with sweet childhood moments. I totally understand! Yet kale and mango really do make a delicious duo worth trying. And it’s been on our menu for nearly 10 years now.      

Taste it for the first time. You’ll be seized by a moment of happiness when the precious nectar slides up the straw and runs down your throat. Isn’t it just like a potion of love and well-being? Like attending the marriage of a royal couple? Do you taste the mango’s exotic flavour and energetic kale emerging through the ceremonial white of the yogurt?

I’m not inflating any aspect of these two superheroes’ story. One issued from mystical India with its firm, smooth flesh and yellow as bright as the ripe, midday sun. The other, a frisky male with tough and curly dark green skin, hinting at its Italian heritage.

I can’t clearly recall when they first met. The years slip by so quickly that they may already be an old couple. In any case, at the time, we were exploring ideas for new breakfast beverages that would offer our customers a unique, unforgettable flavour, loaded with nutritional benefits. The fruit of our efforts was the sublime kale-mango!

On a work counter piled with fruit we hadn’t used that much until then, next to the plums, raspberries, peaches, kiwis, cherries and avocadoes, we rolled up Lady Mango in the leaves of King Kale, and then plunged the pair into a blizzard of yogurt. 

When the blender stopped, the marriage ceremony was complete. And we all declared that the union was spectacular. Ten years later, still able to recall the taste in my mouth, I want to enjoy another one for the umpteenth time. We were also surprised to learn that the groom and bridegroom both came with substantial fortunes. 

Lady Mango, for her part, boasts a delicious, exotic taste. She’s rich in vitamins, nutrients, minerals and fibre that make her a supportive and beneficial ally. Plus, thanks to vitamins A and C, Lady Mango can probably help me to age a little less quickly.

King Kale is just as wealthy as his queen. Lacking in romantic charms despite his Romeo face, he is low in calories. Offering an abundance of protein, fibre and vitamins A, B, C and K, he also has iron, phosphorus, potassium, zinc and lutein. Add to that a number of antioxidants and several beneficial effects – anti-inflammatory, immune system stimulant and powerful detoxifier.

Martin Proulx, our long-time collaborator, officially had the honour of announcing to the team: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! We had found the rare gem among smoothies. A nutritionist drew up the list of assets of each of the newlyweds and Martin published the banns, entering “Kale-mango smoothie” in the company’s Official Menu registry. My mouth is watering again as I try to finish this beautiful love story. I bet yours is too! With no objections to hinder the couple’s happiness, there’ll be many smoothie fans who will want to taste this delicious pairing for themselves.

You will need to have on hand a nice ripe mango, some plain or vanilla yogurt, a spoonful of honey or maple syrup and several beautiful large leaves of fresh kale. Place everything in a blender and purée. A few frozen pieces of mango, though perhaps a bit less romantic, also make a flavoursome beverage. Add some milk, orange juice, coconut or almond beverage as needed to thin the mixture. You can always have fun making the couple waltz with other ingredients if you like. Serve in a large attractive glass worthy of the happy occasion. And if your heart tells you to, add a mint leaf or other garnish to complete the presentation.

Warning! Now that you know the story of the kale-mango smoothie, you may need to put a few ice cubes in your glass to curb the effects of this elixir with almost aphrodisiac qualities.

        ❤️ Cora

Pssst: I am most grateful to you for being such loyal readers. Your expressions of appreciation for my writing is a huge source of encouragement for me to pursue my passion for storytelling. Your many positive comments are like a beneficial rain that nourishes my desire to believe in such a fabulous possibility. Thank you so very much!