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April 22, 2020

Homemade custard

I will humbly admit it: my eyes are bigger than my stomach! It’s a little weakness I’ve long been aware of. At the pizza counter, I’ll order three large all-dressed slices knowing full well that I am going to eat only half. Or a big club sandwich buried under a huge helping of the world’s best fries, a good portion of which will stay on my plate. I love ordering well-cooked meat, even if a few chops or sausages will likely go untasted. And I always order a dessert, simply so I can enjoy a spoonful.

I blame my curiosity. It also has eyes bigger than my needs; I want to discover how each dish is made. And when I bite into something especially delicious, I inevitably try to reproduce the same delight at home. During these days of self-isolation, I am discovering or improving recipes in my kitchen daily. And I love it, I love the satisfaction of perfecting, in every area.


I have 4-5 pairs of round glasses I enjoy switching between, 5 yellow tops in my wardrobe cupboard because I like the colour, and so many scarves, headbands and handmade wristbands that I almost don’t have enough space to keep them.

I guess I’ve always thought big; I overestimate my needs.

Shopping is my favourite fun activity because again, my curiosity trumps my reasoning. Same goes for the pile-up of projects in my head. My enthusiasm means more projects than my mental highway was made for. Like a moth to a light, everything that is new to me is irresistible.   

After all, isn’t life a great feast, there for our enjoyment and discovery? Have no fear, I am digging in!

My appetite for living is also oversized. Life is a vast self-serve buffet of possibilities that I avail myself of like a young-at-heart old woman who is still hungry and curious.

During these weeks of self-isolation, we have more time to dream with our eyes wide open, to revisit our shopping lists at life’s buffet of possibilities.

Delight your loved ones with drawings of I ❤ YOU and surprise them with dishes you cook up using whatever you find in the kitchen cupboards. 

I’ll help you get started, with this delicious recipe for homemade custard that a little girl who knows how to use a mixer could easily make herself.

In a medium-sized bowl, add the contents of a small box of instant Jell-O Vanilla Instant Pudding and 2 cups of milk. Mix together until thick.

In another bowl, thoroughly beat 1 cup of 35% cream. Add to the bowl of pudding and

mix well. Transfer to a container, cover and set in the fridge to chill.

Enjoy with your favourite dessert or on a crêpe filled with banana slices or fresh strawberries.

I guarantee you that this homemade treat will light up smiles around the table.

It’s amazing how easy happiness is when you put your mind (and imagination) to it.

It’s true for me – illustrating my little secrets gives me so much pleasure!

Sending you all my ❤,