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April 14, 2023

Grandma's tales

Dear Jocelyne B. from Shawinigan, I’ve just read your comment from March 12 in which you tell me that I’ve inspired you to “write a book to your grandchildren” and that you can’t wait to start writing in a coffee shop near your home like I do.

You write that you already have a title in mind: “Grandma’s tales.” You also mention you would like me to sit next to you to guide you. What an honour you are doing me, dear Jocelyne! I will be near, and I will help you understand that the master of this universe is infinitely good and they don’t send us projects we can’t accomplish. If you’ve been seized by this desire to write, it’s because you are more than capable of making it come true.

Search in your talent drawer and put your creativity, originality, the love you have for your grandkids and your audacity to work. It takes courage to follow our calling and become the person we are meant to be. It takes tons and tons of courage to allow our ideas to reach across a sheet of paper, to dare to believe that we are worthy of the beautiful phrases we are about to make visible.

You should know, dear Jocelyne, when I write each morning, I hesitate, I get shaky and I doubt that my sentences are even worth reading. And then Sunday night comes and I see hundreds of positive comments and I breathe more easily. I decide to keep at it and to dig deeper into my mind where the best words hide.

Don’t worry, the vast sky is filled with inspiration and wonderful stories to tell. This heavenly sky is also the biggest souvenir warehouse in the world. Each and every one of us possesses their own locker that matches the size of our memories. You will never run out of ideas, my friend. Sharpen your pencils and get used to leaving the house. Do it! Strengthen your muscle that resists the temptation to clean and do the laundry and the thousand and one chores that will try to distract you from your goal.

I have to tell you, Jocelyne, I love your title! “GRANDMA’S TALES” is very appropriate, lively and piques my curiosity. You will no doubt put a lovely photo of yourself on the cover and your grandkids will be very proud of their grandma.

I’m as curious as Australia’s central bearded dragon, so I couldn’t resist visiting your Facebook page. What a beautiful face you have, dear Jocelyne from Shawinigan. What a gorgeous head of silver hair and a great smile! Even your attractive glasses are the perfect accessory for the writer you may one day become.

I’m with you, dear friend, and with all the women who dare to express the best of themselves. Telling stories from our past helps to pave the way forward. All our memories help us learn to live better; we should almost frame and hang them in our living rooms. Dust off the faces of those we have loved and lost, and of all those babies that have grown into adults while our hair turned white.

Dear Jocelyne, you will have so many things to say, so many faces to remember, so many pages of the calendar to turn. You’ll remember all the birthdays and festive cakes, whose flavour you have perhaps forgotten.

I started this type of adventure myself and I always get the impression that I’m only at the beginning. Writing allows me to age while continuously reconnecting with my youth. Get a taste of this medicine, dear friend. You will eventually wrap your own life in thin lined paper like me.

📝 ❤