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February 20, 2022

The best of both worlds

Cora Breakfast and Lunch turns 35 on May 27. And yes, dear customers, we’re still here. All these years, our thoughts have been about you, constantly dreaming up the best lunches to serve you. We’re still on a mission to amaze you. And I can personally guarantee you that all our employees are focused solely on offering you a delicious time. As I write these first few lines, I feel like I should applaud them for real, one after the other.

Over the years, we have worked hard to find and keep the best ambassadors in family catering. People with heart, kindness and generosity. Whether they are cooks, dishwashers, fruiters, branch managers or servers, all these wonderful employees are specialists in their trade and know how to create excellence and delight our customers.

In order to expand our network of franchises, first in Quebec and then in one Canadian province after another, we have chosen the best franchisees – enthusiastic, positive people who are committed to their training and respecting the best practices in the restaurant business. Despite all the setbacks of recent years, they remain optimistic and accommodating. Resilient and courageous, they continue to provide all their customers with top-quality food and service at their respective establishments. They deserve our full admiration.

I am no less grateful to all the pillars at the company’s head office and those at the distribution centre. Away from their fellow workers, sometimes at the office, sometimes at home and sometimes on the road visiting our branches, our managers are holding the boat steady with brio. Aware of the many difficulties caused to franchisees by the cycle of restaurant closures-reopenings-closings and supply problems, our department managers have gone above and beyond to help the entire network. They’ve come through the ordeal revitalized and all are looking forward to the return of sunnier times. When, however, is anyone’s guess.

Our creative geniuses have rolled up their sleeves and prepared a real pyrotechnic display of new taste experiences for you. “A festival,” as they call it. THE SWEET ’N SALTY FESTIVAL. That’s right, 8 new limited-time dishes, which will allow you to savour THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS.

No more humming and hawing before ordering, no more sharing plates, no more having to choose only sweet or only savoury. Now you can enjoy both on the same large plate: two eggs as you like, crispy bacon, roast potatoes and toast, AND a delicious treat for your sweet tooth.

Yes, the breakfast dilemma has been solved. We’re serving up the best of both worlds! Along with the classic bacon ’n eggs, Jessica always enjoys a delicious crêpe served with fresh fruit and custard. Fannie prefers a golden slice of French toast garnished with warm strawberries and strawberry sauce, and Audrey orders a beautiful strawberry crêpe with custard.

You could treat yourself, like Adam does, to half a crispy waffle topped with banana slices, custard and salted caramel. Or what about the two perfectly moist pancakes with fresh fruit and English cream Cora-style that Sara goes crazy for? And then there’s Gabriel the gourmet, who chooses two chocolate chip pancakes garnished with banana slices and cocoa-hazelnut custard.

The festival begins Monday, February 21 and runs for 8 weeks. By the end, you’ll be hooked on our Sweet ’n salty dishes. But watch out! In April, spring starts to wriggle impatiently. There’s a real risk your clothes may feel a little snug after all that good food. REMEMBER: All good things must be enjoyed in moderation.

Dear readers and customers, you are the most important people to us – you are Cora’s family. Over the years, you’ve helped us to learn a very noble trade and become better as we responded to your requests and tastes. We are so very grateful for this. We care about each person who passes through our doors. Our greatest desire is to continue to serve you, your children and your grandchildren, for a very long time to come. Together, let’s celebrate life, love and family!