Cora restaurants are hiring, be part of the team!
April 16, 2019

Two more Cora suns are rising every day!

The year 2019 has been one of expansion for the Cora Franchise Group, Canada’s breakfast leader. The company’s iconic sun proudly shines in the country’s largest cities!

Two other restaurants opened their doors in March. As for many Cora franchisees, it’s a family adventure for several of Cora’s newest members. The new location in the St. Vital neighbourhood of Winnipeg is managed by real-life partners who decided to open their own franchise, charmed by the Cora restaurant experience, the colourful menus and spectacular plates garnished with fresh fruit.

The most recent opening is located in Regina, the second location for the city. Having successfully established his first Cora restaurant in 2018, the franchisee expanded his operations to include a second location, which began welcoming guests on March 18.

The two new franchises are part of the Quebec company’s national expansion plan. With 130 restaurants currently in operation, Cora serves morning gastronomy dedicated to breakfast, as it pursues its mission of offering quality food and service in a warm, family atmosphere.