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December 2, 2020

A very festive French toast!

There are literally hundreds of French toast recipes. The base is generally a simple mixture of eggs and milk, usually in proportions of ½ cup of milk to 2 eggs. Here are a few ways to make this classic a little more festive:

Add some orange zest to your mixture for a wonderful citrusy tang.
Use the “Christmas” fruit, the cranberry, either crushed into your mixture or served on top like a jam. It’s a beautiful way to add flavour and colour to your breakfast!
A timeless classic: cinnamon and nutmeg. Add them to your mixture to give your French toast that irresistibly familiar flavour.
Got a lot of leftover crusty bready, fruit loaf or even panettone? Use them to make your next delicious French toast!


Once you’ve prepared your French toast, use any leftover mixture to make a delicious omelette side dish!

Go ahead, have some fun! There are so many great ideas, so let your imagination run wild!