• Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

    Mme Cora's letter

    8 Heaven’s Way
    The great yonder above

    Dearest Mom, you must be surprised to finally have 

    7 mai, 2021

  • Family happiness amongst red shells

    Mme Cora's letter

    As kids in the Gaspésie in 1953, we ate every day thanks to the sea, which provided us with fish, and 

    30 avril, 2021

  • From diner cook to Founding President

    Mme Cora's letter

    I am garrulous by nature, so journalists love to interview me. It was true in the past and still true today, 

    23 avril, 2021

  • Kiwi and my love for frogs

    Mme Cora's letter

    Sometimes memories come to you out of the blue! This morning, I opened one eye with a frog croaking in my ear. Was I still 

    16 avril, 2021

  • The date squares from Maurice’s wife!

    Mme Cora's letter

    Do you recall? Last October 8, I told you the story about the handsome 

    10 avril, 2021

  • A great lesson in determination

    Mme Cora's letter

    Over 60 years ago, I was a fine, young woman in her first year of college. I was 

    3 avril, 2021

  • The young President’s BBQ!

    Mme Cora's letter

    This morning, dear reader, I feel like remembering the good ol’ days. A time when we would organize a lunch at the sugar shack 

    26 mars, 2021

  • Last night I had a dream!

    Mme Cora's letter

    I was sitting down in a vast dessert amusing myself like a child as I let the 

    19 mars, 2021

  • A bear knocking at the door

    Mme Cora's letter

    I often hop in my Mini Cooper in the morning and go for a spin. I fill the thermos with piping hot coffee from 

    12 mars, 2021

  • A giant cometh with the storm!

    Mme Cora's letter

    Living on my small plot of countryside, I’m afraid I’ve become a wild 

    5 mars, 2021

  • The ability to be omnipresent

    Mme Cora's letter

    I would love to have the ability to be omnipresent. A grand 

    26 février, 2021

  • The unforgettable recipe of my success

    Mme Cora's letter

    Early in our story, around the time when we had opened our seventh or 

    19 février, 2021

  • The soulmates’ odyssey

    Mme Cora's letter

    (inspired by the Symposium by Plato, written in 380 BC)


    Ten years ago I was at the Montreal Book Fair when I met Yanick Therrien. A big fellow 

    12 février, 2021

  • The road to franchising

    Mme Cora's letter

    I’ve always known that ideas are constantly galloping towards us, trying to 

    5 février, 2021

  • Trip to Paris

    Mme Cora's letter

    We opened our first small Cora restaurant on May 27, 1987, the very day of my 40th birthday. Life up until then had been 

    29 janvier, 2021

  • It’s never too late

    Mme Cora's letter

    Most of us are currently in the grip of the hardest phase of confinement since it began, unable to replace the 

    22 janvier, 2021

  • The famous New Year’s resolutions

    Mme Cora's letter

    (written New year’s Day 2021)


    I started writing New Year’s resolutions 

    15 janvier, 2021

  • Crying until you say THANK YOU

    Mme Cora's letter

    (written on Christmas morning)


    Is Christmas morning ever tough! I’m feeling sad and lonely as I sit 

    9 janvier, 2021

  • A magnificent white duck!

    Mme Cora's letter

    I woke up this morning with the distinct impression that I was holding a huge bouquet of tales to tell in my arms. Like a gift from a 

    1 janvier, 2021

  • Born under a full Sun!

    Mme Cora's letter

    The other day I recalled my mother’s vague words that the day I was born the sun shone big and bright.

    - “A dazzling sun in the 

    26 décembre, 2020

  • A letter to Santa

    Mme Cora's letter

       Santa Claus

       The North Pole

       HOH OHO



    Dear Santa,

    I am 

    18 décembre, 2020