• A beautiful love story


    I consider myself to be a mature, reasonable, prudent and patient woman. And yet, ever since the date for the reopening of restaurants was announced, 

    10 juillet, 2020

  • Dearest Betty, thank you so much!



    Betty lived just across from our first restaurant, in a new, rather swishy-looking residential complex. Still in her 40s, she was a dead ringer for 

    4 juillet, 2020

  • It’s my birthday morning!


    My bedroom curtains suddenly start to flutter. The dawn’s rays, gently alighting on my cheek, announce that a new day has 

    26 juin, 2020

  • June dandelions are blanketing my lawn!


    Their return is a reminder that nature is constantly at work. The trees have again donned 

    19 juin, 2020

  • My bucket list


    My last perm was 6 months ago and my curls are now limply dangling at the end of my long locks. So I rejoiced when, a few days ago, I put my name down on a 

    12 juin, 2020

  • The majestic Queen Elizabeth cake


    We were in our first restaurant, where each day, tens of good-looking chaps would sit at the 

    6 juin, 2020

  • Between the lines my heart lies.


    As far back as I can remember, I have always written. The 

    30 mai, 2020

  • ​​​​​​​1990’s harvest



    Bravo, Gigi!


    This morning another memory tugged at my mind – a wonderful story also begging to be let out and told again. It goes like 

    27 mai, 2020

  • While there’s life, there’s hope.


    Unstoppable Mother Nature is hard at work decorating the world 

    23 mai, 2020

  • Our love tastes like fudge.


    Offered with the simple desire to bring delight to others, the story of these delicious morsels of love goes 

    20 mai, 2020

  • Sachertorte


    “Let your actions always speak for you, but be forever on guard against
    the terrible traps of false pride and conceit 

    16 mai, 2020

  • The wonderful MIDI-DOLORÈS*


    I still rave about this incredibly flavourful sandwich that’s so easy to make with regular ingredients that can 

    13 mai, 2020

  • ​​​​​​​Happy Mother’s Day!


    Wow, am I ever blessed to have such clever colleagues.

    Yesterday morning, a colleague informed 

    7 mai, 2020

  • The Cora Breakfast Box is here!


    In just a few clicks, get all the delicious Cora ingredients to make a feast that will impress the entire 

    6 mai, 2020

  • It was so beautiful out!


    It was so beautiful out!


    I didn’t cook today. It was simply too beautiful outside, almost like a summer’s day. 

    2 mai, 2020

  • Wanting it all, all the time.


    Wanting it all, all the time.


    Am I the only one who misses dressing up in a 

    30 avril, 2020

  • Thank you to all of you


    Talk about a life change. It’s 11:20 on a sunny, beautiful Monday morning and I’ve just gotten out of the bath. It’s far removed from my usual 

    27 avril, 2020

  • Homemade custard


    I will humbly admit it: my eyes are bigger than my stomach! It’s a little 

    22 avril, 2020

  • Jack the Alligator


    I’ve have so much free time these days that I am beginning to feel nostalgic for my 

    18 avril, 2020

  • I’m doing fine now

    Thank goodness I watched Avatar again last evening. And yes, happily the good side won. Because after coming back from a midday walk 

    10 avril, 2020

  • My favourite breakfast


    I am often asked what my favourite breakfast is.

    Each time I reply 

    7 avril, 2020