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October 22, 2018

The story of the Rosemary's Sunday

Though we hadn’t received permission to serve meals outside, we took a chance and set up four small tables in the narrow space between the restaurant’s front window and the street. The heat inside the restaurant resulted in many customers seeking out these few seats.

My daughter Julia wasn’t the fastest waitress we had, but she was the one who brought in the most customers. Working on the new outside terrace, she had to be good at maintaining peace among the customers as they fought over the chairs. So, on one particularly hot Sunday, she didn’t have time to chat with the English-speaking woman who asked her for a Bonjour (two eggs with bacon) “with two small crêpes with blueberries on the same plate, please.”

“No problem! Would you tell me your name?”
“Why? Why should I tell you my name just to get breakfast?”
“Don’t worry, it’s just because of my mother. She has knack for inventing names for new breakfasts.”
“My name is Rosemary Martingale,” replied the customer, reassured.
“Mom! Mom!” shouted Julia as she came inside. “There’s a Rosemary outside who wants a BONJOUR with two blueberry crêpes on the same plate.”

I was going to settle for saying, “Okay, Julia,” when my daughter insisted on provoking me in front of everyone.

“Mom, aren’t you going to make up a name for the new dish?”

The heat put out by the new cooktop distracted me and I didn’t reply. Since she hadn’t gotten an answer to her question, Julia knocked two glasses against each other in front of my nose.

“Mother! The Rosemary who’s outside deserves an invention.”
“What are you talking about, Julia? What’s Rosemary’s Baby doing here, in this heat?”
“Not Rosemary’s Baby, Mother, Rosemary’s Sunday.”
“What? What, Julia? What are you talking about now?”
“Mom! Let me do it, Mom! The English lady and I just invented a new dish outside. Give me a Bonjour with two little blueberry crêpes in the same plate.”

A few days later, the city ordered us to stop serving food outside. Not too disappointed, we immediately moved the tables. They had already given us an unforgettable breakfast.