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September 23, 2015

The spark that became a sun

I remember the exact moment when my mother had this first spark that would change our lives forever. We were on a boulevard in northern Montreal. That spark soon became a sun, shining its light and warmth?first on one restaurant, then another, and ultimately, upon 130 more across the country.

For my mother, simply feeding people was never enough. At a time when fast food started to replace real home cooking, she made sure that anyone could find an authentic breakfast, made with the best ingredients. But tasting good was only the start. It had to look good too, colourful dishes overflowing with creativity.

Who would have thought that a small, 29-seat restaurant simply named Chez Cora would, within a mere quarter-century, grow to delight over 250,000 guests every week.

To keep it real, you can’t lose sight of your roots. And every morning, there’s a little spark to remind us.

Nicholas Tsouflidis