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April 17, 2019

April 89 celebrate 30 years

It has already been 30 years since the bountiful April 89 crêpe appeared on the Cora breakfast menu.

The delectably thin crêpe is covered with Cora custard cream, filled with a generous portion of fresh fruit, topped with three whipped cream rosettes and dusted with light, sweet snow (sugar dust).

It was created one morning in, you guessed it, April 1989. A few days earlier, Madame Cora had pulled an April Fool’s Day prank on a regular guest and friend at the restaurant. To make amends for the lighthearted fun, Madame Cora wanted to prepare something special. Her friend requested a crêpe with plenty of fresh fruit. Madame Cora obliged, but took it to a whole new level with the sweet, comforting addition of her delicious cream. It was the very first time Madame Cora had spread custard cream on a crêpe, folding it on a plate. That’s how this fruity star was born.

Happy anniversary, April 89!