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August 3, 2018

The story of the Buckwheat Blessing!

The original idea for the Buckwheat blessing dish came from the Americans. One day, long before the first Cora restaurant was even a glimmer on the horizon, I saw a similar dish in a 24-hour breakfast restaurant. The dish was called “Pigs in the blankets” and was made up of three big sausages rolled up in pancakes. This rather heavy meal was accompanied by three syrups: strawberry, blueberry and Vermont maple.

“It couldn’t be hard to do better than that!,” I whispered to my inner Tantalus – the mythic king who was condemned by gods to be eternally hungry – as he was looking through my eyes.

When Jack the Alligator licked his mouth after seeing our buckwheat crêpes, the idea suddenly came back to me. Julia and I talked about it and decided that the little piggies deserved better: a more refined crêpe, maybe made with wheat flour, or possibly delicious sausages in a buckwheat pancake.

My spatula immediately began to flutter on the grill, trying to imprison the piggies in the crêpes. One would always manage to free a foot or tail, or an ear, so Julia decided to add some shredded cheddar which, as it melted, acted like glue and held our pudgy victims in their crisp wraps.

Once they were on the plate, we accompanied our sausages with an attractive mountain of cut fruit. Julia suggested we sprinkle some shredded cheddar on the rolled sausages and voilà! The treat was born. There was no way we could call a Quebecois crêpe The alligator, so we named the dish Buckwheat blessing. Even today, the unusual combination of ingredients doesn’t disappoint. With real maple syrup or, as some prefer, topped with traditional molasses, this dish is an ingenious example of Cora’s magic.