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October 2, 2015

The story of the Seventh of July

The Seventh of July breakfast dates back to those first summer Sundays. Since people were used to restaurants like ours being closed on Sundays, those days found our little Cora half empty.

"We absolutely have to find a way to get the cat to taste our bowl of milk", Julia exclaimed one day feeling distraught.

Finally, Fatima, the weekend helper suggested that during the week we use the daily menu to promote the new dishes that would only be available on Sundays. We would talk about them all week long to whet our gourmands’ appetites and encourage them to make the trip to see us on Sundays. We thought her suggestion was great. Now we had to come up with something that was even more exciting than everything else we’d already drawn on our walls.

- It’s easy! declared Evelyne. Cora, what do you think?

The wheels were already spinning in my head. We could make our crêpes differently, or add some citrus zest to make the French toast better, but our customers already thought they were great dishes the way they were.

- What if we served crêpes and French toast on the same plate? What do you think, girls? offerd Evelyne.

- Okayyyy… said Fatima, but it needs to be more exciting.

- Not if we add a nice mountain of mixed fresh fruit, with a sprinkling of snow replied Julia, enthusiastically.

« A spinkling of snow » was what we called powdered sugar.

I suggested that we could also serve the new dish covered in raspberry sauce and the snack bar went wild.

- Yeah! But what are we going to call this treat, boss?

- The Evelyne and Fatima? No, it’s too hard to say.

- It’s not very catchyJulia remarked. What do you think of The Seventh of July

- Why not? Half our customers are Anglophones, and we’ll just have to explain the name and ingredients to the other half. You can count on us, concluded Fatima, looking me in the eyes.

She was right. The success of the Seventh of July we served the following Sunday was so amazing that we unanimously decided to put it on a poster on the wall the very next day, and we began to serve the dish seven days a week to our delighted customers.